Game materials

With a bit of time, you can easily put together your own Taskforce: Saving Antiquities game using the templates we’ve made available for you to print and cut out, and you can even create new cases with friends or family.


You can download the rules of the game here (they’re free) and print them out. If you still have questions about the game, write to us – we’d be happy to help!

Download set of rules

Basic set

You can use our templates to make the Taskforce: Saving Antiquities game yourself. We’ve created a DIY video showing how to do this. Just watch the video and get started!

Download basic set

Creating new cases

So, you’ve successfully solved all of the cases and are looking for a new challenge? Then why not be creative and design a case of your own? Our instructions explain how this works. We have compiled all of the materials you’ll need here.

Download manual