The game Taskforce: Saving Antiquities

Solve exciting cases with the help of the taskforce, investigate the history of an object and uncover illegal machinations. At the same time, learn about laws, limitation periods and bona fide acquisition, and clarify to whom the object actually belongs.

Our collaborative board game shows that cultural heritage protection is a real challenge that can only be overcome together. So you must always decide together how you want to proceed to save the antiquities. You will encounter numerous obstacles such as mysterious inscriptions, water damage at the university, and uncooperative Swiss art dealers. It’s great then that the task force is always at your side! Whether archaeologist, curator or hacker – they all contribute their expertise, provide valuable information and use important contacts to protect cultural property.

Our board game offers a playful look behind the scenes: Who is involved in the protection of cultural property? What competences are necessary when the authenticity of an object has to be checked? Who researches the object’s history? And who actually works with whom, when and why?

You can buy the game. The complete game, ready in the box is available from The Game Crafter.

You can also borrow the game from us or make it yourself right away.